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The table below shows the cost ranges for acid- and water-based stains, concrete dyes, and sprayers for applying stain. However, these are just average costs. The final price you pay may be more or even less, depending on number of different factors. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing concrete stains, along with a few buying strategies to help you reduce your costs.

Acid Stains

Price: $35 - 60 per gallon

Water-Based Stains

Price: $20 - 40 per gallon

Concrete Dyes

Price: $40 - 78 per gallon

Staining Equipment

Sprayers - $99 - 175 each
Backpack Sprayers - $125.00 - 180.00 each

Resources: Calico Products, The Stamp Store, SRI Concrete, Walt Tools

Factors That Can Increase Stain Costs
  • Shipping: If you order concrete stain online or by phone, be sure to inquire about the shipping policy. Find out if factors such as the weight of the shipment, shipping distance, or total cost of the order will influence the final cost.
  • Hazardous material charges: Some suppliers may charge extra for shipping caustic acid stains, which can increase the final cost of each bottle of stain.
  • Color: Certain colors of stains, including reds, oranges and blues, may cost more because the price of the raw pigments used to make the stain is higher.
How to Save
  • Look for a local distributor: Rather than having the stain shipped to your door, find out if there is a distributor in your area and save the shipping costs. Find suppliers of concrete stains.
  • Use a concentrate: Some suppliers sell stain and dye in liquid concentrates that can be diluted before use, which often reduces the shipping cost.
  • Purchase the “economy size”: For larger staining projects, you can often get a better price if you order stain in bigger quantities, such as 5-gallon, drum or tote sizes.
  • Check the coverage rate: When comparing stain prices, don’t just look at the price per gallon. Also, compare the coverage rate of the stain. Those with a higher coverage rate may be a better bargain, even if they cost a bit more.
  • Buy materials from the same vendor: You may also get a price break if you buy all your materials from the same vendor. You’ll also ensure better compatibility by using stains from the same product line, especially if you plan to layer or mix different stain colors.

Application Tools and Equipment
The best way to apply stain to achieve even coverage is to use a pump-up sprayer. If you are applying a chemical stain, make sure the sprayer has no metal parts that can corrode when exposed to an acid-based product. Backpack sprayers, which can be strapped to your back rather than lugged around by a handle, are convenient for large projects.

Other tools you may need to apply stain, depending on the effects you want to achieve, include hand sprayers, brushes, paint rollers and sponges. Also, don’t forget about safety gear. When working with chemical stains, you’ll need to invest in a respirator, safety glasses or goggles, impervious gloves and protective clothing.

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