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The Model 5000 rechargeable acid-resistant backpack sprayer from Crusade Mfg. has a tank capacity of 4 gallons and can spray up to 120 gallons on a single charge.

Side view of the sprayer. The unit can be carried by handle or on your back when you attach the shoulder straps and waist belt.

If you frequently apply stains or sealers to concrete flatwork, this convenient rechargeable electric backpack sprayer will allow you to achieve fast, even coverage without being tethered to a power cord. The Model 5000 sprayer from Crusader Mfg. features a microprocessor control that lets you choose from four different pump speeds, so you can go from fine misting to high-volume spraying for maximum coverage of large areas. At any of the speed settings, the spray tip can be opened to deliver a steady stream or tightened to deliver the desired cone pattern.

"The biggest advantage is how much time it saves. The sprayer delivers constant pressure so you get a consistent spray pattern and the job looks great when complete," says Crusader vice president Bernie Weber. "It can be worn as a backpack as well as having a handle in the harness to use to tote it around." One of the most popular applications for the sprayer is to apply stains to decorative concrete floors, notes Weber.

With the battery fully charged, the sprayer has enough power to spray up to 120 gallons on a single charge. An acid-resistant wand, pump, and 4-gallon-capacity polypropylene tank permit application of both acid and water-based concrete stains as well as sealers and mild acids for etching. The sprayer is not intended for use with harsh solvents, such as acetone, or wettable powders, since it's not equipped with an agitator. However, you can use it to apply soluble powders when properly mixed. For comfort, the unit is equipped with ergonomically designed shoulder straps and a full back pad. In addition, the hand lever can be locked in the on position to reduce operator fatigue.

The sprayer's high-capacity 12-volt battery will provide several hours of intermittent use when charged. The pump will maintain a steady speed as the battery charge level drops, so you won't notice a fluctuation in the coverage rate. Although a fully depleted battery takes about 14 hours to recharge, you can purchase a spare backpack battery so you can continue working while charging the other battery. It's not necessary to fully deplete the battery before recharging. After any period of use, you can recharge the battery without risk of reducing its lifecycle.

Other features of the sprayer include:

Bottom back view of the sprayer, showing the rechargeable 12-volt battery pack and charging unit.

  • An adjustable cone nozzle
  • A 4 ½-foot-long reinforced, braided PVC spray hose
  • A status lamp that blinks to indicate when the battery needs to be recharged
  • Automatic power-off of the pump if it's left unused for more than 8 minutes
  • An adjustable waist belt with buckle

For more information:
Crusader Mfg.
Eagan, Minn.

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