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  • Countertop Casting Equipment Find out what equipment is crucial to casting high-quality concrete countertops, including mixers, casting tables, knockouts, vibrators, and more. Casting Equipment
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  • How to Polish Concrete Countertops Get a step-by-step overview of the process for polishing concrete countertops. Polishing Countertops
  • Reinforcing Concrete Countertops Discover how to use steel rebar, wire mesh, carbon-fiber grids and synthetic fibers to add strength to your countertops. Countertop Reinforcement
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  • Sealing Concrete Counters Get tips for purchasing and applying concrete countertop sealers Countertop Sealers
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Concrete Countertop Information
Concrete Countertop Mix Learn how to choose and use prepackaged mixes for concrete countertops.
Avoid Installation Mistakes Discover 10 common countertop installation problems & easy solutions for preventing them.
Countertop Design Ideas Get inspiration for creating truly unique, custom concrete countertops.
Featured Products
I-Tech Countertop Sealer Durable protection for sinks, countertops, and more.
V-Seal Countertop Kit Food safe resistance for use by homeowners.
Countertop Products All the supplies needed for great countertops.
Stain Resistor Water-based, penetrating stain repellent
Buddy Rhodes Craftsman Mix Made by Buddy Rhodes. Produces 4.5 square feet of material.
Topcoat Sealer Produces a scratch and stain resistant top coating.
Countertop Planetary Polisher Better quality, delivered 5 times faster.
Imperial Countertop Mix Engineered to be lightweight and strong. Minimal shrinkage.
Professional Grade Counter Mix Easy finish, minimal shrinkage & exceptional strength
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