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This Dazzle Effects floor in San Diego’s White Flower Bridal Boutique uses Liquid Dazzle in the colors of Cafe, Mocha and Silver.

Combining a metallic epoxy floor coating with a deep-penetrating stain, the Dazzle Effects application technique from Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems allows you to achieve concrete floor finishes ranging from luxurious gilded or hammered looks to organic effects reminiscent of burled wood.

“Dazzle Effects is a unique way to create custom epoxy floors that bridge the gap between function and form,” says Todd Cook, project manager with Life Deck Coatings, San Diego, and an installer of Westcoat products. “Why should a flooring system that offers key benefits, such as chemical resistance and a seamless layout, lack all the design and artistic properties currently sought by professionals and homeowners?”

Dazzle Effects looks range from luxurious gilded or hammered finishes to organic effects reminiscent of burled wood.

Another view of the salon floor. In addition to its decorative qualities, Liquid Dazzle metallic epoxy coating produces seamless floors that resist chemicals, stains and abrasion.

How the process worksThe Dazzle Effects application technique uses Westcoat’s EC-38 Liquid Dazzle, a metallic epoxy coating available in 18 colors, and SC-36 Fast Stain, a solvent-soluble fast-drying powdered stain, to produce unique multicolored drifting effects. “The drift dynamic allows for multiple colors of EC-38 and SC-36 to uniquely flow and create a strong sense of dynamism and depth. There are numerous color combinations possible, and the proprietary metallic additives help yield more dramatic results and sparkle throughout the field,” says Cook.

The process involves applying a basecoat of Liquid Dazzle followed by highlights or accents of Liquid Dazzle, Fast Stain or both, applied wet-on-wet. Multiple colors of Fast Stain and Liquid Dazzle can be used as highlights and can be applied simultaneously. Once the highlights have been applied, the material will continue to flow and change as a result of the drift dynamic.

Application tools and techniquesCook says that the Dazzle Effects technique is actually quite simple and uses basic application tools. “When applying Liquid Dazzle highlights, we've found that a 3-inch chip brush, masonry brush, squeeze bottle or stir stick can be used with great success. If using Fast Stain as a highlight option, we recommend using an acetone-approved sprayer and applying a fine atomized mist, again all wet-on-wet. This effect will result in a soft wash of color over the Dazzle base coat. You can also apply Fast Stain with a chip brush or stir stick.”

Another view of the salon floor. In addition to its decorative qualities, Liquid Dazzle metallic epoxy coating produces seamless floors that resist chemicals, stains and abrasion.

You can apply the highlights by flicking, splattering or other methods. To create a more dynamic finish, you can also use tools such air blowers to further manipulate the surface. Cook cautions, however, that it’s important to choose your accent colors carefully. “Keep in mind the color combinations, as the final result will be a marriage of these colors,” he says.

For more information:Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems, San Diego

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