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  • Precise masking helped achieve a detailed pattern and distinctive design for this dental office floor.
  • Westcoat’s Liquid Dazzle was installed in various colors of Café, Jade, Sunset and Ruby.
  • A clear satin top coat was applied for maximum protection.
  • Another view of the floor.

Westcoat's Liquid Dazzle Epoxy was specified for the newly constructed North County Oral Surgery Center of Escondido, California, due to its durability and extreme decorative features.

Based on his extensive experience with Westcoat epoxies, applicator Kevin Ross of Coating Pros installed Liquid Dazzle in the main commercial lobby area, kitchen, juice bar, six restrooms, as well as the lab and doctor's office totaling approximately 1,500 sq. ft. During the construction process, Ross began by moisture testing the area, followed by shot blasting the concrete, grinding edges, and patching all holes with Westcoat EC-72. Once properly prepped, the floor was primed with EC-12 Clear and leveled with EC-34 Travatan. Finally, after precise masking to achieve a detailed pattern and distinctive design, EC-38 Liquid Dazzle was installed in various colors of Café, Jade, Sunset and Ruby and completed with EC-96 Clear Satin Top Coat for maximum protection.

"The end result was a truly spectacular floor," said interior designer Janet Pettersen of Design Wave. "Liquid Dazzle is not only beautiful and unique, its epoxy base makes it durable and easy-to-clean, a desired feature in a medical facility."

With its eye-catching metallic additives and unique color changing flow, this durable, 100% solids epoxy produces a truly unique surface. At the 2008 Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco, Liquid Dazzle was recognized with a "Cool Product" award, for its unique contribution to the building industry.

Liquid Dazzle is a unique, professional, high build, seamless epoxy. Like many Westcoat epoxies, it is chemical resistant and easy to clean; making it perfect for many locations such as restaurants, casinos, show rooms and custom interior floors. It is receiving notable recognition for its incomparable look and reliable performance and was recognized as one of Concrete Contractor Magazine's "Top Products of the Year".

Westcoat products are available through specialty coating distributors throughout the western region of the U.S.

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