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Wine Country Coatings
Santa Rosa, CA

Dominic D’Assis, owner of Wine Country Coatings, repaired and brightened the bike path at his children’s school. The concrete path had settled, and the two year old kids could no longer use it. Each parent contributes a number of hours per year helping at the school, so D’Assis asked if he could fix up the path. He began by prepping the surface for an overlay material. After completing the first coat he used the overlay with 1/8th washed pea gravel and filled in all the settling issues. Using a tuck pointer blade on his 4 1/2 inch grinder, he proceeded to engrave the pattern.  After all engraving was finished, he used the now sectioned off areas like a paint-by-number picture. After filling in all the colored areas, he sealed everything. After the sealer dried, he scored all the lines again and cleaned them up. Then using black grout in conjunction with cement modifier, he grouted all the engraved lines and sealed again.

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