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Integral Color - Dry Pigments vs. Liquid Color

I am aware that integral color is available in both dry and liquid forms. Is there an advantage to using one over the other? If so, what are they and which is better?

Fixing Discoloration in Concrete with Integral Color

What caused this last pour of integrally colored concrete to be off-color?

Changing the Color of Integral Colored Concrete

I have an integrally colored driveway that was supposed to be light gray, but the ready mix supplier used the wrong color and now I have a black charcoal driveway. Is there anything I can do to change the color from black to light gray? Part of the driveway is broom finished, while some of it is exposed aggregate.

Admixture Effects on Integral Color

How do common concrete admixtures affect integrally colored concrete?

Changing the color of integrally colored concrete

It’s time to pressure wash and reseal the driveway and I am thinking about acid washing for a darker finish. I know this is not ideal, but are there better options than just living with it?

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