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Pitting on Polished Concrete

On a recent polishing job, areas of new concrete have failed miserably and the surface is visibly porous and is trapping dirt to the point where floor looks black in areas. The polishing contractor is claiming that this is a concrete finishing issue and the only way to take out the highs and lows of the concrete surface is to grind deep and expose the aggregate, but this would not be acceptable to the owner.

Efflorescence on a Stained Floor Slab

We have a stained concrete floor slab on grade in our Houston home. We have salts that our escaping and clouding the floor. During the three years we have lived in the house, our builder has tried various things to fix the floor.

'Acceptable' Number of Cracks in Concrete Floor

What is an acceptable quantity of cracks, and should pieces of the floor come out? Is there any way to halt the seemingly never-ending growth of the cracks? What can we use to fill the cracks to minimize the dark moisture staining that is taking place along the surfaces adjacent to the cracks?

Terrazzo Concrete Floor Control Joints

Does the concrete slab for a terrazzo floor require control joints? Typically we pour a monolithic concrete floor, but then we get minor alligator cracking. We usually cover this with a bridging membrane and finish material.

Tape Marks on Concrete Floors

About two months after the floor was installed, we had the interior of the house painted, and the painting contractor covered the concrete floor with sheets of paper, using painter's tape to hold them in place. When he pulled up the tape a week later, after he finished his painting, it took off the top surface of the concrete down to sand and stone.

Wax Finish Scratches Easily

We are having issues with the wax finish on our new concrete floor scratching and need to know how to maintain the look. We love the floor, except for the scratches and prints. Can we apply a durable urethane that will not scratch as easily or show foot and paw prints?

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