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Packed with the experiences and advice of veteran stampers from around the country, Concrete Stamping Today will help decorative concrete contractors gain insight into a complex and changing industry

Written by technical expert Chris Sullivan, this e-book is a must-read for the professional stamped concrete installer. It provides behind-the-scenes information and valuable insights on how to be successful in an increasingly competitive industry. Here are four current trends that Sullivan says concrete stamping pros should be aware of:

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Discover four emerging trends in concrete stamping from’s new e-book. You’ll also get insights and advice from veteran installers that will help you stay profitable in today’s market.

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  1. Hand Tooling and Unique Color Effects
    A high demand for customization has lead installers to take existing stamp patterns and coloring systems and add their own creative touches to create looks that are all their own. One way to accomplish a custom look is to use existing large pattern stamps or seamless texture skins and hand tool custom joints or patterns. When it comes to coloring, the trend has increasingly been to post-color work to achieve more customization.

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  2. Customizing with Accessory Tools and Larger Patterns
    An increased demand in recent years by architects and consumers for unique stamped concrete finishes has driven the tool industry to come out with a slew of new accessory and accenting systems. There is also a trend toward larger patterns and lighter textures which are more realistic and require less labor to cover the same surface area as smaller tools.

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  3. Matte-Finish Sealers
    No matter the patterns and coloring techniques used, the end result is what ultimately matters to the client. Sealer choice has a big impact on the final appearance of stamped concrete. In years past consumers have wanted the wet look, but now that the desire is a natural appearance this is no longer popular. To answer the demands of the consumer, contractors are opting for matte finishes rather than high gloss sealers.

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  4. Strategies for Staying Profitable
    The constant struggle for installers is how to maintain profits in an industry that has seen constant price pressure from low bidders and raw material price increases. To make a profit in today’s marketplace, you can either increase volume, or you can differentiate yourself and your product so you can ask a higher price. The latter is the approach that most successful stamped concrete installers have embraced.

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