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Packed with the experiences of skilled installers from around the country, Concrete Staining Today will help you gain insight into a complex and changing industry. A must-read for professional stain applicators, this E-book takes an in-depth look at market trends and economic factors that are currently influencing the stained concrete industry.

Chris Sullivan, the author of Concrete Staining Today, discusses how the industry has moved from explosive growth to maturity and makes suggestions for improving the health of your business and the wider industry. Here are four trends he believes every staining contractor must be aware of:

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Concrete Staining Today

Discover four emerging trends in concrete staining from’s new e-book. You’ll also get insights and advice from veteran installers that will help you stay profitable in today’s market.

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  1. Water-Based Stains
    In recent years, there has been an ongoing surge of water-based nonreactive stains and dyes into the market. These stains have a much larger color palette, which is advantageous when customers are looking for colors not offered by traditional earth-tone acid stains. The professional applicator who is serious about staining concrete will look at new products as they appear on the market, but will use those that meet their expectations in regard to performance and service.

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  2. More Choices, More Competition
    The traditional look of concrete stain is now feeling the pressure of the ever-changing color and pattern trends generated from the commercial flooring industry. Now contractors are blending different stain media to achieve colors and finishes even more unique than those previously obtained from classic acid stains alone. Additionally, the rapid growth in the popularity of polished concrete has been a boon for stains in recent years.

    Read more: Staining Trends - Colors, applications and competition

  3. Expanded Markets
    With the advent of new products and technology, the use of concrete stains is now becoming mainstream. Concrete stains have expanded far beyond interior commercial spaces and are now commonplace in the home as well as outdoors.

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  4. Matte-Finish Sealers
    Nothing affects a stain project more than the sealer system. Not only does the sealer provide protection from day-to-day wear, it also produces the all-important final finish and gloss level. The trend in sealers has slowly been migrating away from the use of high-gloss products. Floors with lower gloss levels are easier to clean and don’t show wear as much as high-gloss sealers do.

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Stone Tone Stain 10 color options. Resistant to chipping and fading.
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