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Texturing skins are ultra-thin and pliable, with feathered edges that overlap so they produce seamless texture without any grout lines. Like stamping mats, they come in a variety of textured patterns, but the depth of detail is less pronounced. Texturing skins can be used alone or to supplement more rigid stamping mats.

The feathered edges of texturing skins make it possible to create seamless textures. Brickform.

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On many jobs, you'll be faced with having to stamp up against a vertical surface, such as a wall, column or stair riser. Using a texturing skin will allow you to flex up against these surfaces. Skins are also handy for use along slab edges, where nonflexible stamping mats overlap the form. Another application for skins is to fix blemishes and minor surface flaws from stamping, working almost like an eraser to correct unevenness or nonuniformity (also see Touch-Up Tools and Tampers).

If you're after a completely seamless look, you can use skins alone, in lieu of mats, for the entire concrete surface (also see Seamless Stamped Concrete). For contractors new to stamping, skins can be the easiest method of creating texture because you don't have to worry about pattern alignment. Because skins produce very shallow patterns (generally no deeper than 1/8 inch) they are also ideal for adding texture to thin cement-based overlays or microtoppings.


The most important thing to look at when shopping for texturing skins is the texture itself. When skins are used along with rigid stamping tools, you want the textures to match or coordinate. The quality of the edge is also important, so when you are touching up an area it blends in seamlessly. Also make sure the skin is made from high-quality rubber, is free from pinholes, and has good texture across the surface.

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