“Wow” Factor Flooring

A metallic coating provides unique flooring for a spirit and wine parlor
Project submitted by Thomas Villasana, A-Plus Concrete Construction, Fresno, Calif.
By Sarah Hutchinson, ConcreteNetwork.com columnist

Thomas Villasana of A-Plus Concrete Construction sent in this project completed for Cuvée, a spirit and wine parlor in Fresno, CA. “The owners wanted something different than a regular concrete floor,” says Villasana. They had seen metallic flooring online and sought out A-Plus Concrete to see if it was something they could do. “We do a lot of floor epoxies but this was our first time using Westcoat’s Liquid Dazzle,” he says, “it was a challenge, but with the right personnel it can be done.”

Surface preparation was a very important part of this job. “There was a lot of prep to the existing concrete floor due to the different flooring that had been applied throughout the building. We made sure not to leave any stone unturned as far as prep,” Villasana recalls. With more than 1400 s.f. of carpet, tile and linoleum to remove, the prep work took over three days to complete. First, the concrete was ground with a dual grinding floor machine and cracks were repaired. Once the cracks were filled, the floor was ground flush and cleaned with degreaser and tri-sodium phosphate.

Prior to applying the Liquid Dazzle, a primer coat was applied to the floor. Next, the Liquid Dazzle was applied by a single installer to get consistency of the effects. The colors used were chartreuse for the main floor and marine for the dazzle effects. “We found that heat plays an important part with the Liquid Dazzle, the warmer the temperature the more movement you get,” says Villasana. Twenty four hours later a topcoat was applied.

Villasana and the owners of Cuvée were happy with the results. “We hope to keep putting this product down as our best flooring. If you want a durable epoxy floor with lots of wow factor this is the product,” he says. He would like to thank Bill Cummings from Legacy Construction, Mark Krusser from Constar Supply, Mike Mullex from Westcoat and Jose and Dan from the House of Concrete for their involvement and support.

Materials used

Crack repair: Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender
Floor primer: Westcoat, EC-11 Water-Based Epoxy
Decorative epoxy coating: Westcoat, Liquid Dazzle
Finish: Westcoat, EC-95 Polyurethane Topcoat

Concrete Contractor

Thomas Villasana
A-Plus Concrete Construction, Fresno, CA

General Contractor

Bill Cummings Legacy Construction, Fresno, CA

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