Afristone has completed a range of commercial and residential decorative concrete projects.

Afristone Decorative Concrete is a successful decorative concrete company in Pinegowrie, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. They specialize in creating quality concrete floors for the retail and commercial industry, as well as for residential clients.

Afristone offers customers complete customization options, stating that they will make a floor according to the client's exact requirements. With this attitude as their company's foundation, they have created floors with custom logos, faux rock patterns and much, much more. Their clients have included major clothing stores, famous fashion designers, and large public complexes.

Afristone completed floors for six Jeep clothing outlets across South Africa. Each project had three different flooring mediums which had to blend together smoothly.

Recently, Afristone completed installing floors in six Jeep clothing outlets across South Africa. Each store was approximately 130 square meters and had three different types of flooring medium. This presented a challenge since each product was a different thickness and the finished specification required that the floor had to be level wherever a transition took place between flooring types.

The Jeep outlet floors required extreme attention to detail

The Jeep projects feature Slasto, a coloured slate, installed in a crazy paving pattern. Slasto was used because it provides a home grown indigenous design that is unique to Africa. Afristone also installed concrete overlays on these projects.

Throughout the Jeep project, Afristone had to source materials close to the area of the installation in order to keep costs down. Things like cement weren't a problem, but aggregates, sealers, and more had to be freighted in. Furthermore, working in functioning shopping centers, with strict rules, made material delivery tricky. In some instances, everything had to be carried by hand from the back of the center to the store. As a result of their hard work, Afristone was able to get the correct materials and seamlessly meld together the different flooring types to create a striking effect for the Jeep stores.

Afristone works extensively with TextureCoat, a concrete overlay system that provides limitless decorative options. TextureCoat successfully weathers climatic extremes, like those that exist in South Africa. The overlays that Afristone installs are not affected by the moisture from the ocean and they don't fade under the constant rays of sun.

Afristone Decorative Concrete got its start back in 2002, when one of its partners, who is now retired, went abroad for extensive technical training. When the partner returned, they took the stagnant South African flooring market by storm. Today, Afristone manufactures TextureCoat in country and also has embarked on an in-depth training program for contractors installing TextureCoat in South Africa.

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