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  • Protected by a high-performance polyaspartic coating system, this newly coated concrete floor can withstand the constant impact of 25-ton fire trucks.
  • Yellow striping was incorporated into the coating to delineate vehicle parking. Because the striping is a colored polyaspartic protected by a clear topcoat, it should never need reapplicaton.
  • A close-up of the floor shows the decorative vinyl chips broadcast into the surface, resulting in a terrazzo-like finish. Regular pressure washing is the only maintenance required.

Serving over 3,000 residents and responding to more than 500 emergency calls a year, the Wellington Fire Protection District in Wellington, Colo., needs to be ready for action at all times.

So when the district recently completed construction of a new firehouse, they needed a concrete floor coating system that would be fast to install and require minimal downtime for maintenance. The coating also had to be able to withstand the impact of heavy truck traffic as well as exposure to oil, grease and harsh chemicals.

“The fire station needed ultimate performance along with a cost-effective solution,” says coating installer David Nanninga, owner of Mile High Coatings, Fort Collins, Colo. “The fire trucks can weigh over 25 tons, and the floors are abused by the everyday comings and goings of foot and heavy-vehicle traffic.”

After consulting with the fire district, the decision was made to install HP Spartacote’s Sparta-Chip, a high-performance polyaspartic coating that met all of the firehouse’s requirements. “This coating system offers a rapid return-to-service, excellent abrasion resistance and gloss retention, superior durability and high-solids content,” says Nanninga. It also gives floors a terrazzo-like seamless flooring finish, enhanced by decorative vinyl chips that are broadcast into the surface.

Before installing the coating, Mile High conducted moisture vapor tests on the newly poured concrete floor and then prepped the surface using a grinder equipped with 50 grit medium-bond diamonds to ensure optimal coating adhesion. After prepping the floor, the crew installed a prime coat of light-gray Sparta-Flex polyaspartic coating. To facilitate vehicle parking, the firehouse also asked Nanninga to integrate 12 40-foot-long yellow stripes into the floor. “We chose a durable, reflective yellow stripe and applied a clear coat over the top to protect the striping,” he says.

After installing the base coats, the crew broadcast the Sparta-Chip vinyl chips over the surface followed by the application of a high-gloss topcoat that would resist hot tire marks, chemicals and abrasion.

Because the Spartacote system cures rapidly, the floor was put back into service the next day. The firehouse crew can now focus on saving lives rather than maintaining their floors. “The floor is simple to clean. The station regularly pressure washes the floor and does not need to use any special cleaner. The life expectancy of the floor should be at least 15 years. The nice thing is that repairs, if needed, are simple. Long-term maintenance might include a re-application of the clear coat,” says Nanninga.

In addition to installing polyaspartic coatings, Mile High Coatings installs a variety of decorative and high-performance specialty floor coatings including epoxies, urethanes, and trowel-down high-build systems. “We have seen increased interest in both the residential and commercial markets. For residential, it's been garage floor coatings and concrete staining in basements. For commercial spaces, it's been primarily stained concrete." says Nanninga. “Our residential customers realize that carpet reduces indoor air quality and does not provide the same long-term performance as our coatings. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of a performance coating or stain and seal application can be a great incentive over tile or hardwood. Garage floor coatings, in particular, are a luxury item and we've seen significant growth in that category.”

Project location: Wellington Fire Protection District, Wellington, Colo.
Floor size: 4,500 square feet
Coating applicator: Mile High Coatings, Fort Collins, Colo. (www.milehighcoatings.com)

Products used:
Polyaspartic floor coating system: HP Spartacote Sparta-Chip
Yellow striping: Sparta-Flex pigmented polyaspartic coating, in safety yellow
Floor primer: Sparta-Flex, in light gray
Protective topcoat: Sparta-Flex clear poyaspartic

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