Surgical Center in Naples, FL Gets Epoxy Floor Coatings

Innovative Concrete Surfaces gets the job done right

Innovative Concrete Surfaces, Inc. recently completed an epoxy flooring job for a surgical center in Naples, FL. Here is what they had to say about the project:

ICS got this job because the doctor who operates the center looked online for contractors who could install epoxy coatings. "We had previously contacted the head contractor about the job, and they had said they weren't interested, but since the doctor found our website, we ended up getting the work anyway," says Ryan.

This job got off to a challenging start for Ryan and his crew. One of their competitors had originally started the job and left it half finished. The floor had been coated with a xylene based acrylic and then sealed with a clear top coat. Ryan knew that this was not the right course of action for this floor, so he started the process of removing the original coating.

Once the xylene based acrylic had been removed, a 100% solids epoxy coating was installed over the existing floor. A eurethane top coat was then added to finish off the floor.

Innovative Concrete Surfaces specializes in decorative concrete applications ranging from floors to countertops. They also offer many options for beautifying exisitng concrete.

Innovative Concrete Surfaces, Inc
Ryan Seckler
Naples, FL

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