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One of the most popular sink styles, especially in bathrooms, is the pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks are made up of a sink bowl and a base or stand called a pedestal. A pedestal sink can easily be the centerpiece of a room and can have an eclectic look that elicits wows from anyone who sees it.

Photo by: Gore Design Co
Photo by: Bradley Hughes
Photo by: Grotto Design
Photo by: Concrete -N- Counters
Photo by: Grotto Design
Photo by: Dan Roman Studio

People want to have something they can show off, not something that mimics what their friends or neighbors have. Terry Stogner, Concrete Interiors, Alamo, Calif.

Although pedestal sinks may lack storage space, as with traditional cabinet bases, pedestal sinks provide a more distinct look. Sink design remains an untapped universe of potential, says Wanda Ellerbeck of Grotto Designs. Pedestal sinks can also be designed to have a more traditional, period look. Concrete is the one material that allows you to turn your vision, however original or unique, into a reality.

Design ideas for pedestal sinks:

  • Have a custom metal base made to support the concrete sink basin
  • Cast the entire piece out of concrete, including the pedestal base
  • Incorporate other materials such as glass or wood to make your sink even more uique
  • Include a cast concrete backsplash as part of the sink design
  • Polish portions of the sink to give the concrete a smooth, shiny surface