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An important decision when considering a double concrete sink is basin design. Will you have one long basin or two separate smaller basins? How exactly will the basin look? This example, from DC Custom Concrete in San Diego, Calif. has a joint trough basin with a single drain in the center. The shape of the basin was designed to have a natural, almost erosion-like look. Read more: Sink Bowl Erosion


Another example of basin design from DC Custom Concrete, this double sink has two separate ramp basins in which the water disappears into a slot drain. Ramp basins are especially popular for modern homes that want a sleek, seamless look.


There are multiple ways to install a double concrete sink. In public spaces such as restaurants, it is popular to mount the sink to the wall with angle irons so that it appears to be suspended in the air. That is exactly what C.S.W. Creations in Katy, Texas did with this double ramp sink. In residential settings it is often more practical to mount the sink on top of a cabinet base that can be used for storage. Read more: Asian Inspired Bathroom - Sinks with an Asian Flair


One of the best things about concrete is that it allows for complete customization. Shown here is a double trough sink from Artwork Surfaces in Riverside, Calif. A bamboo shelf was added to hide the drain, while towel bars were attached to the front of the sink. Read more: Bathroom Remodel Takes GFRC and Creative Design


Another design choice that has to be made is where the fixtures will be mounted. In this example from Trueform Concrete in Rockaway, N.J. the faucets were mounted directly to the sink itself, which requires planning ahead of time to leave openings. A second option is to use wall-mounted fixtures installed just above the double sink. Read more: Bathroom Sink, Sills, and Tub Showcase the Many Uses of Concrete


At first glance, this double sink created by Pourfolio Custom Concrete in San Diego, Calif. appears to be quite massive. However the thickness is an illusion created with a drop apron or lip. The front edge is simply a face, while the rest of the sink is actually fairly thin to keep the weight down.


Another benefit of using concrete for a double sink is the wide array of colors. In this bathroom, Reaching Quiet of Charlotte, N.C. used integral pigments from BlueConcrete to accentuate the tiles on the wall. The most popular colors are brown, tan, gray and white, but you can go with something more playful like this if it suits your tastes.