Low Cost Floor SystemThe owners of this deli needed a unique, low cost and easy to maintain floor system. Stained and sealed concrete was out of the question, because of the lack of sustainability, durability and high maintenance cost associated with it. Their budget didn't allow for our concrete polishing system, so we designed this floor using three different types of hybrid lithium densifier/ floor hardeners.

We started the process by doing a surface profile with one of our polishing machines. The profile opens up the floor for stain and our lithium densifiers. It also makes the floor smooth to touch. This is important because we do not use high-build acrylic or urethane sealers on the floor.

Densifiers AppliedOn many projects, in order to help protect the floor during construction, we do most of the work first. This is a testament to how sustainable the Rock Hard process is over traditional stained and sealed concrete. The image shows the floor during construction. The floor was first stained and densified with our lithium densifier. Next, one application of our Rock Hard densifier was applied. The lithium densifier penetrates and chemically hardens the surface, eliminating dusting and wearing down of the stain and concrete surface. We could stop here, but because Densifiers take up to six months time to reach maximum density and stain resistance, we next apply the Rock Hard premium densifier.

Rock Hard leaves a very thin glass microfilm that is not detectable to the eye. The Rock Hard premium densifier provides added protection and stain resistance, allowing time for the underlying lithium densifier to fully harden. The Rock Hard premium densifier does not require re-application, and it can be burnished. We have found that 10 days after the application of lithium densifier, the floor will no longer accept solvent-based dyes and most acid stains. This means it is important to get the stain work right because you won't get a second chance!

Finishing TouchesAfter construction is complete, we apply a microfilm of our Pentra Guard and burnish. Why? Because the Guard adds a nice color pop and increases stain resistance. The Pentra Guard is optional, and is not necessary because the floor has been densified. The only maintenance required is dust and wet mopping. The guard film lasts 3 to 5 years and won't scratch, scuff and scrape like conventional sealers and urethane coatings. The guard is also durable enough to withstand warehouse floors and forklift traffic. An occasional burnish will keep the floor shiney. For a soft matte finish, simply do not burnish.

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