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Get to the Facts:
A restaurant floor needs to meet strict standards. Get information about each of these benefits of concrete floors:

Slip resistance
Easy maintenance
Sealers for stained concrete
Cost of stained concrete
Floor Finish Options

A restaurant floor has a lot of standards to meet. It must be durable to withstand the wear and tear of foot traffic and food carts. It must be cleanable and able to repel spills, grease, etc. It must be slip-resistant to avoid injuries to staff or clientele. And last but not least, it must be designed (colored, textured, or patterned) to complement the theme of the restaurant.

Few materials exist in the market that can live up to these standards. Of the ones that do, namely ceramic tile, epoxy floors, or rubber flooring, one element remains neglected-a custom design. Restaurant floors may need to be industrial strength, but they do not need to be industrial-looking.

Using concrete meets all restaurant floor expectations, plus it can be designed to fit any budget. Often already existing as the subbase of the restaurant, concrete is extremely durable. With the right application of a sealer, it requires little maintenance, and is simple to keep clean. It can also provide slip-resistance with additives or creative texturing.

Getting a custom look to a restaurant floor is the biggest factor. Color-matching, custom logos, creative patterns, way-finding design, and textures are what draw restaurant owners to choose concrete for their final surface. There are a variety of custom options that can be applied to concrete restaurant floors. Check out this list of ways to enhance concrete floors.

Ways to Enhance Restaurant Floors:

Restaurant Floor Projects
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