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Dave Root of Atlas Archimedes Design in Lawrence, KS shared photos recently of two unique projects. The first project is a terrazzo bench with reclaimed wood legs. "This bench is essentially all salvaged product," explains Root. "The top is a leftover ring section from a giant brewery job—the rings surrounded the tanks, and a change order left a few extra at the shop. The legs are sections of giant electrical poles that the railroad was tearing down. A few dozen poles plus extra concrete pieces makes for a lot of benches. I couldn't bear to part with the forms either, so it can be reproduced many times over in 5 different radii."

The second project was built to solve a couple of problems—design and mechanical. According to Root, "To work with a little existing wall and some odd free-standing cabinets as well as a new cooking unit, and to eliminate brackets and have a substantial overhang, I just built it all in and bolted it with plates to the wall. Like a bridge section."

Atlas Archimedes does start to finish design, fabrication, and construction in concrete and related materials, including terrazzo, stone, faux stone, plaster, stucco and other masonry, ferro concrete, as well as wood, metal, and many others. They combine premium-quality materials and the latest technology with site-specific design and skillful, innovative craft to produce: countertops, walls, flooring, furniture, hardscapes, water features, fireplaces, planters, sculpture, remodeled interior and exterior living spaces. They can work from plans or design projects to suit your needs and aesthetic. Their resumes include many types of construction as well as art and design. They can build on-site and can also build pieces to ship anywhere.

Read more about Dave Root and his 10 Easy Steps to Greener Concrete Production.

Dave Root
Atlas Archimedes Design
801 North 7th Street
Lawrence, KS 66044

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