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Shelley Chomistek of Rafter C Precast Concrete in Alberta, Canada recently submitted photos of a concrete table creatively designed to take on many forms.

"The clients wanted us to create a multi-functional yet artistic table that contained clean lines, says Chomistek. "The couple, however, had very different personalities. He was very practical and wanted something functional. She was interested in design, style and wanted a unique piece of furniture."

Concrete Coffee Table Video
Time: 01:28
Watch this highlight to see a concrete coffee table that serves as an elegant design element and a fully functional drink cooler.

The resulting piece was a charcoal colored solid concrete table top and legs, with a steel tray in the center, and an exposed aggregate polished concrete top with hand-seeded jade inserts. According to Chomistek, "We used jade inserts as jade is symbolic of love, inner peace, harmony and balance."

"We call this piece the Harmony Table," she says. "Not only does it bring together the harmony of earth, fire and water - but it maintains the harmony within their own household. He can enjoy the function of his 'cooler table' - she has a very unique piece of furniture that can be decorated with simple elegance."

The table was created using integral charcoal colored concrete mix. "We used the Buddy Rhodes hand-pressed method to give the marbled look to the legs," says Chomistek, "And for the vein-look, we used different ratios of stains by Fu-Tung Cheng.

The table top was seeded with jade and then hand-ground to expose the jade and aggregate using diamond grinder pads. The top is 2" thick, and the welded steel tray is 2 ½-inches deep. The top was sealed with Cheng's sealer and wax.

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