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This 10-foot long table was created for Klorman Concrete Construction, a large concrete company in Southern California that builds concrete highways and bridges. The company contacted Blayde Penza, owner of Advanced Concrete Enhancement (ACE) in Sun Valley, Calif., to create a 'tricked out' table made of concrete for their conference room.

Blayde designed the table with CAD, creating a triangle shaped table that would be practical but also the focal point of the conference room. At one end of the table, the concrete table legs (approximately two feet apart) slide into two round pots for support. At the opposite end, the two side pieces touch at a V-shaped point and are bolted together with a chrome bolt.

To build the table, a design mock-up was made on a foam machine, then the molds were created. After the concrete was poured, additional aggregate was added to the areas of the table legs that would be scarified. The client selected ACE's standard new taupe color. The scarified areas also provided a lot of color variation.

The top of the table incorporated stainless steel standoffs epoxied into the concrete where the glass sits. A receiver, embedded in the concrete, allows the client to screw the standoffs up or down to adjust the height. The client supplied the etched glass top.

Advanced Concrete Enhancement
Sun Valley, CA

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