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Thorax is made of concrete and steel.

This unexpected modular media console is made of rectangular strips of concrete connected with stainless steel. It was designed to hold a wide range of audio visual equipment. Called Thorax, the unit was designed by German designer Rafael Cichy of Kompatibel Design.

The console is solid, yet also flexible in its arrangement. O, E and C units can be combined to create various compositions. O is like a cube and can store items such as vinyl records, E features three shelves and is well suited for DVD players and gaming consoles, while C has two shelves that are roomy enough to hold an amplifier.

Thorax can be customized in two ways. First, pigments can be added to the concrete to produce a custom color. Second, various sized steel connectors can be used to create a slight curve. The metal connectors can also be used to conceal cables.

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