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  • An overhead view of the table shows the stunning combination of maple and concrete against the backdrop of a dark wood-plank floor.
  • Before the concrete was placed, the piece of maple was planed down to a 4-inch thickness and placed into a melamine mold.
  • The concrete was then sprayed into the mold to create a seamless interface.
  • The table is protected with a clear stain- and heat-resistant sealer and rests on metal legs with a painted black finish.

A maple inlay running seamlessly through the center of this concrete dining table creates a permanent table runner showcasing the dramatic effects that can be achieved by combining concrete and wood.

“This table was made for a client who loves the concrete look and wanted a table that would fit the needs of her family and grandchildren,” says Tracey Perry of Total Concrete Innovations, a company that specializes in mixing concrete with other materials.

The table was cast in a reverse mold made of a special melamine that gave the concrete surface a wood-grain finish. First, the piece of maple was planed down and placed in the center of the mold and caulked around the edge. The concrete was then sprayed into the mold and allowed to cure. “Heavy sanding of the wood was needed to create the seamless interface with the concrete,” says Perry. “But the biggest challenge was controlling the humidity and temperature during casting. Too much moisture would have made the wood warp.”

Both the concrete and wood were left their natural color and sealed with a clear urethane-acrylic sealer that is also stain and heat resistant (U-Seal from Fishstone). The table legs are made of metal and painted with a matte black finish.

“The other challenge was lifting and moving the table, as a slab of this size made of concrete and wood is quite heavy,” says Perry. Measuring 8 feet long and 4 ½ feet wide, the table weighs 400 pounds and required a moving crew of six men.

Total Concrete Innovations, Cambridge, Ontario

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