If you’ve only ever considered using traditional brick or stone to build a fireplace, then you’re missing out on all the endless design possibilities you have when using concrete instead. The fireplaces showcased here incorporate custom features that take them to a new level of beauty and functionality, such as integrated shelving, built-in seating, and unique shapes and surface finishes. What’s more, like stone and masonry, concrete combines the ideal qualities of fire resistance and heat retention. A concrete fireplace can also be custom molded and sized to fit any space, from an expansive great room to a cramped bedroom. See these inspiring ideas for customizing your own concrete fireplace in ways not possible by using brick or stone.

Incorporate an Art Display

Instead of putting a painting or pair of vases on top of a mantel, you can form built-in art “nooks” in your concrete fireplace to prominently display your art. This beautiful floor-to-ceiling fireplace is made of two-toned taupe and gray concrete with forged metal band inlays. It also integrates a walnut entertainment center at the right with a recess for a TV screen.

Think Outside the Box

This integrally colored precast concrete fireplace surround, designed by Fu-Tung Cheng of Cheng Design, is given a unique three-dimensional look by alternating the depth of the horizontal panels. The hearth is site-cast concrete with a smooth, polished finish.

Take a Seat

The prominent design feature of this concrete fireplace is the enormous wrap-around fireplace bench with a 10 ½-inch apron. The piece was installed on a wood platform that was built out like a deck around the fireplace. The bench can seat up to 10 people.

Bring it to Life

This nature-themed concrete fireplace was created using plant life from the client’s property. Real ferns and maple leaves were used to stamp the design in the wet concrete, which was then accented with concrete dyes.

Double the Pleasure

With a two-sided concrete fireplace, such as this one, you can enjoy your cozy fire from two rooms, such as a kitchen and great room. Think of it as a room divider with a lot more functionality than a plain old wall.Get more hot tipsfor designing a concrete fireplace.

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