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  • Trim an outdoor area with a border. It can be as simple as a saw cut 10-12" band on the border of a concrete slab. Or for more flare, stamp the border with a unique design such as a fleur-de-lis pattern or grape vine border. See: Patio Surface Ideas
  • Outline landscaping with a mowers edge. Use concrete borders to outline your landscaping beds for a clean, defined look. A mower's edge is typically a 4"x6" mold that allows better capability to mow along the edge of the curb, keeping your lawn contained, and your landscaping defined. See: Landscape Borders
  • Complement a border with a patterned inset and corner designs. After choosing a border pattern, consider stamping a complementary pattern as an inset in the middle of your slab. You can also enhance your design by using different patterns in the corners for added accents.

  • Use stencils to customize slab borders.Not all borders need to be stamped or pressed into the concrete to leave an impression. Custom stencils create new possibilities with decorative borders to include corner accents, company logos, family crests, monograms, and more. See: Design Options with Stencils
  • Use borders throughout the interior of a home for a cohesive look. Using stencils for interior concrete floors is a sure-fire way to add personalization and design to a home. Use a border design throughout hallways and between rooms to help pull everything together. See: Decorative Concrete Floors Gracefully Provide a Home with Harmony
  • Be budget-friendly by adding only a border to a large slab. When installing a large driveway, for example, save money by leaving the center area of the driveway plain. Then add a stamped or colored border to get some decorative design. See: Three Budget-Friendly Decorative Finishes for Exterior Concrete

A concrete border can be as simple as a saw cut line created around the perimeter of a concrete slab, or it can be as elaborate as a decoratively stamped and colored patterned edge. Some borders are used solely to outline landscaping, which is sometimes referred to as concrete curbing. In any instance, the addition of a border can increase the curb appeal of a home and the design of concrete. Borders are also an effective, inexpensive way to spruce up plain concrete by framing patios, driveways, and even interior floors. For ways to incorporate borders into your next project, check out the following eight design ideas.

You can also peruse these photo galleries to see just how often borders are used to enhance decorative concrete designs in myriad ways: Concrete Driveways, Concrete Patios, Concrete Floors, Concrete Walkways.