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Low-pressure injection is ideal for fixing cracks in most poured-in-place residential basements. But in some cases you may need to pursue other remedial measures, along with crack sealing, to guarantee a complete fix.

If the foundation has settled due to compressible or improperly compacted soil, poor drainage, or uneven moisture conditions, use of hydraulically driven piles or piers may be required to lift the foundation and prevent future settlement. However, piering won't seal existing cracks, which may still need to be injected to prevent leaks after the foundation has been stabilized.

Similarly, crack injection can work hand in hand with carbon fiber reinforcement to stabilize and reinforce poured foundation basement walls that have bowed and cracked. "We often recommend the use of carbon fiber stitching in conjunction with crack injection repairs," says Cole. "It's better than stitching the crack with rebar and improves the chances that the crack will not reopen if there's ongoing, unforeseeable movement of the wall."

Cole says that crack injection is not a solution for fixing cracks in masonry block foundation walls. It also can't be used if water is leaking from a crack between the seam of the wall and the slab, which indicates a water table problem.

Allowable crack widths

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