Free Span Concrete Countertop Stretches Over 23 Feet with No Supports

A concrete countertop class held August 10th at the new Cimarron warehouse showroom poured a long sales counter using enCOUNTER white mix. In addition to the eight students in the class were two Brickform representatives, Jim Mullins and Dave Severson. Mullins is the Brickform central area manager and Severson is on Brickforms technical staff.

The false work was dropped after two weeks of wet curing. The unusual part of the project is that there are no supports as it wraps around the red iron structural columns. The piece free spans and cantilevers a distance of twenty three feet eight inches.

Doug Bannister, designer of the enCOUNTER system and of this particular piece admitted that he had reservations about attempting such a daring piece, but that Jeff Girard of the Concrete Countertop Institute assured him that it was feasible and then provided the structural details.

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