'Bending' the Rules in Las Vegas Concrete Countertop Mix Design

>enCOUNTER Concrete Mix strength and flexibility is like no other

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Benefits of the enCounter countertop mix.

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Bendable concrete? Sounds like an oxymoron. That's not the case with enCOUNTER, a concrete mix obviously different from other countertop mixes in its "flexibility." This flexible nature of the mix was demonstrated at the '06 World of Concrete in a 16-foot-long, 14-inch-wide, and 2-inch-thick piece of concrete supported by a 6" column in the middle.

"The piece we did at WOC in Las Vegas was to illustrate the structural advantage offered by a sophisticated yet easy to use product," says Doug Bannister, owner of The Stamp Store in Oklahoma City and creator of the enCOUNTER Countertop System.

enCOUNTER is a professional grade countertop mix that includes limestone rock and well graded aggregates that make for easy finishing, minimal shrinkage and exceptional strength (excess of 8,000 psi at 28 days). For the WOC demonstration, the project was less than one week old when tested by the weight of two men.

Bannister explains, "Usually we tell contractors they can just add water to the countertop mix. There's no mixing of special chemicals—just add water—it's that simple. However, in the cool temperatures of Las Vegas during the show (50 degrees F or below), we did use an accelerator to speed up the process and gain strength in the concrete."

Because enCOUNTER is a structural mix, as strong as the concrete used for bridges or highways, it provides contractors with a comfort margin. According to Bannister, "enCOUNTER can handle more than normal countertop use and also eliminates the issues of cracking and warping because the mix requires such a small amount of water.

The easy, one-step process of enCOUNTER ensures consistent quality countertops with minimal shrinkage, cracking or curling. The enCOUNTER system includes mix, color, edge forms, microtopping, and stain proof sealer. Available on DVD or VHS, the enCOUNTER instructional video walks viewers through the countertop process—mixing, forming, coloring techniques, sealing and more.

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