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  • The concrete island in the kitchen is supported by a matching waterfall leg, giving it a clean, modern look.
  • The pigment used was a stormy sky gray to coordinate with the cabinetry and furnishings. All the concrete surfaces were sealed with a water-based urethane.
  • The floating bar top in the game room features an integral sink and a surface inlaid with bottle caps.
  • The bottle caps represent the homeowner’s favorite types of beer.
  • The floating fireplace hearth on the home’s lower level is completely seamless. A GFRC concrete mix was used to help reduce the weight.
  • A similar floating concrete hearth was made for the living room, along with an extension piece to create additional storage space beneath the wall shelving. Concealed metal brackets were installed to support the concrete elements.
  • The seamless concrete vanity in the powder room is 8 inches thick and features an integral double-ramp sink and planter box.
  • The upstairs master bath features two matching 5-inch-thick concrete vanities with undermount porcelain sinks.

When planning the interior design of this new home in Holland, Mich., the owners had one primary goal in mind: To achieve a look that was unconventional and innovative. Thanks to the versatility of decorative concrete, they were able to bring this state-of-the-art distinction to nearly every room.

“The owner wanted to build a very contemporary home and loved the natural aesthetic of concrete as well as its clean, timeless look. We were also able to achieve things with concrete that other materials couldn’t, such as the floating powder room vanity with an integral double-ramp sink and planter box,” says contractor Drew Bleeker of Hard Topix Precast Concrete. “This was a super-cool piece we were able to design with the help of the homeowner. The planter was cast with the sink all in one piece and sort of hides the toilet, which was part of the design.”

Other custom concrete elements Hard Topix made for this project include a raised kitchen island supported by a waterfall leg, floating fireplace hearths, master bath vanity tops with undermount sinks, and a floating bar top for the game room with exposed bottle caps adorning the surface.

“We used iron oxide pigments for all the elements, but the mix design was our own proprietary GFRC blend,” says Bleeker.

Because the floating fireplace hearths and bar top are 4 inches thick, using lightweight GFRC helped to reduce the weight. Concealed custom metal brackets were installed to support the pieces while conveying a sense of weightlessness. “The supports were put in the wall prior to the stonework and drywall, so they were completely hidden. The clean look really complements the stone and other details surrounding the fireplace,” says Bleeker.

Concealed brackets were also used to support the floating section of the bar top, which is lit from beneath with LED lights. The bar top was ground down to reveal the bottle caps, which had to be placed at the right depth to avoid damage during the grinding process. This was another custom look that could only be achieved with concrete. “The homeowner was able to inlay bottle caps from their favorite types of beer,” says Bleeker.

Materials used:
Iron oxide pigments: Blue Concrete

Concrete contractor:
Hard Topix Precast Concrete, Jenison, Mich.

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