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  • This colored concrete driveway was streaked and faded due to weather exposure and improper maintenance.
  • Water-based stains, in the colors of bark brown and light adobe, were used to revive the original color. A high-gloss sealer was also applied to provide a protective long-lasting finish and help prevent future fading and discoloration.
  • The entryway before staining.
  • The entryway after application of bark brown water-based stain.
  • Another view of the restored entryway.

Although most concrete stains, color hardeners and other decorative surface treatments are very durable and wear-resistant, years of neglect can take a toll. That was the case with this residential concrete driveway, located in a prestigious Las Vegas neighborhood. Originally installed in 2005, the driveway hadn’t been cleaned or resealed in years. Exposure to harsh UV rays, tire traffic, and normal wear and tear had caused the surface to fade and lose its luster. Attempts to clean the driveway using bleach and a pressure washer only made matters worse, causing unsightly streaking.

“We get a lot of calls for repairing dilapidated concrete on a regular basis. We see these types of projects over and over, and it appears that our clients have not been given proper maintenance instructions from their initial application, or time just gets away from them and then it’s time to do a complete makeover,” say Cary and Julie Grant, the owners of Floor Seasons, Las Vegas, which specializes in exterior and interior concrete staining and artistic design. To save the homeowner the expense of ripping out the driveway and starting over, they were hired to rejuvenate it and bring the colors back to life.

Concrete Driveway Before & After
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To restore the color, Floor Seasons used water-based, UV-resistant stains from Smith Paints. First, the staining crew cleaned the concrete with a degreaser and floor buffer to remove all contaminants. Then they applied the stain using a high-velocity low-pressure sprayer (HVLP), choosing shades that closely matched the original color (brown stain for the driveway borders and home entryway and light adobe for the main fields of the driveway). After staining, they applied two coats of high-gloss wet-look lacquer sealer, not only to protect the surface but also to enrich the color.

As you can see by the before-and-after pictures, the driveway looks as good as new, and should maintain its beauty for years. “The color is very durable and will last with proper maintenance,” says Julie. “In Las Vegas, that usually means reapplying the sealer every 12 to 18 months.”

Materials used: Concrete stain: Bark Brown and Light Adobe water-based stains, from Smith Paints
Concrete sealer: High-Gloss Wet-Look Lacquer, from Global Sealer Technologies

Staining contractor: Floor Seasons Inc., Las Vegas

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