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When talking about his newly built concrete home in Rogers, Ark., Philip Difani lights up. Amidst product features and benefits you might hear on an insulated concrete form (ICF) brochure, Difani can pitch a concrete home better than all of them. That's because he's not trying to sell them. Rather, he's living the benefits of an ICF home firsthand. And his enthusiasm for all an ICF home has to offer is contagious. Here's a glimpse at what has him so animated and why his wish is for everyone to be aware and able to live in an ICF home.

From Phillip Difani:

Why Build Any Other Way?This is our second home built of ICF. Why build any other way? As a matter of fact the ICF will warp your sense of construction because it is superior to anything else as far as I know. When I look at upscale homes being built of timber I just can't believe our society has not advanced any more than that.

How I Reduced CostsFrom my perspective, the advantages of ICF far outweigh the expense. ICF construction costs will be around 5% more than timber. If you are the general contractor, as I was, you can reduce that to about 2%.

With the amount of concrete being used not only for ICF but for patios, sidewalks, pools and driveways you can negotiate the price with different concrete companies. Our cost for concrete was $73.00 per yard vs. the usual $94.00 per yard. Extra expense of concrete pumpers can be managed as well by preparing and pouring ICF walls, patios, walks, etc. at the same time. Using one supplier as much as possible will also be more cost effective.

Why I Love My ICF HomeEfficiency and durability were the reasons I chose ICF. I compare it to a giant styrofoam cooler and a bank vault.

ICF construction is ultra-efficient, extremely strong and durable, sound proof, more termite resistant, and you have a window seat in every window!

You have 8" centers vs. the national code of 16" centers which allows for easy drywall attachment. The list goes on.

As for efficiency, we had a record winter here in Northwest Arkansas. On February 9th we had 22 inches of snow followed by -18 degrees F actual temperature the next day!

When we moved into our new home we learned the first night that the heating units were not connected from previous maintenance. It dropped to 4 degrees F that night outside and the inside temperature went down to only 59 degrees. That's efficient!

With 6 inches of rebar re-enforced concrete walls we can sleep peacefully on the stormy nights knowing our family is safe.

Again, in my opinion, the ICF construction is superior to any other construction and my hope is more people can experience and enjoy ICF as I do.

You Owe It to Yourself to Consider ConcreteFor whoever is considering a new home or building, you owe it to yourself to pursue the ICF construction.

The construction is fairly simple but as with everything else needs to be done right! There are a number of ICF companies and contractors so take the time to research each one in choosing the right one for quality construction.

With my experience, satisfaction, and demand for quality, it is my goal to serve as a consultant in the industry when needed.

Phillip Difani479-903-6596

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