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A concrete pigment is an iron oxide pigment used in integral concrete coloring. They can come in either powder or liquid form. With integral coloring, there are a wide variety of concrete color options available. Many manufacturers offer over 20 standard concrete colors and custom color matching services. Also, concrete pigments have a low likelihood of fading.

Since the introduction of the repulpable bag, which dissolves when tossed into the concrete mix, using powdered integral coloring has never been easier. Ready Mix suppliers simply toss in the entire bag of color, cutting down on work and mess. Following are product links to integral coloring in repulpable bags:

The use of liquid color pigments has also gotten easier since the introduction of concrete color systems. Concrete color systems are PC operated systems designed to help ready mix suppliers use liquid pigments.

Davis Colors Windows® based system called Chameleon™.

Solomon Colors ColorSelect™ Pro Ready-Mix System.

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