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  • Verify that no calcium chloride or other incompatible admixture will be used in the mix.
  • Pour a sample to make sure the color meets the designer and owner's specifications (different finishing textures can change the look of the concrete)
  • Order concrete with substantial lead times as not all colors are kept in stock at all times
  • Avoid delays in placement or excessive mixing at the job site
  • Check that the type and brand of cement, the aggregate source, and the coloring agent will not change during the job
  • Keep the water content and slump consistent from load to load
  • Verify the color matching curing or clear cure is available for the selected color-conditioning admixture
  • Ponding, fogging, and wet coverings such as burlap should not be used on colored concrete
  • Protect colored concrete from damage from construction traffic

Follow all other standard quality flatwork procedures

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