Waterproofing & Vapor Barriers in USA and Worldwide

Versatile Building Products®
4100 Vapor Stop Clear Moisture Blocking Clear Epoxy Flooring Primer Sealer (reduce 15 lbs of MVE to below 3 lbs) use 4150 when a pigmented sealer is required. Buy at wholesale prices, get free shipping & save more with coupon CN2015

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Moisture Blocking Epoxy

90 years as a leader in waterproofing & vapor barriers for concrete. Coveted reputation with architects, engineers & contractors for quality products. Try out products today or get a free catalog.

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Building Envelope Products

Developed for plywood and elevated concrete decking surfaces, our Waterproof product line rebuffs rain, snow and spills and was created by some of the most experienced technicians in the industry.

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Waterproof Concrete & Plywood

RadonSeal Concrete Care
RadonSeal concrete sealer seals basements or concrete slabs against water, vapor, and even radon. Crack repair kits for foundations and floors, efflorescence and mold cleaners, backup sump pumps. Contact us today!

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Permanent Concrete Waterproofing

Kemiko Concrete Coatings & Floor Systems
Kemiko 1120 Moisture Vapor Barrier System is a low VOC epoxy that provides sealing and waterproofing for above or below grade walls and floors. Can also be used under wood, tile, carpet and ceramic flooring.

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Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy

An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified manufacturer of Air–Vapor barriers to protect virtually any new structure & ABAA Approved. A system of asphalt-free, elastomeric, liquid applied coatings that form a seamless barrier to cavity walls.

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Water & Vapor Barriers

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