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HTC Greyline planetary concrete floor grinders and ultra-fast-change diamond tools work on all surfaces to produce a flat, level floor.

When a company tells you that one floor grinder can replace three different machines, you’d be right to be skeptical. But with the introduction of its new Greyline series of grinding equipment, HTC delivers on its promise. HTC Greyline machines efficiently remove all types of concrete floor coverings, including epoxies, self-leveling compounds, paint, adhesives and carpet glue. They will also remove bumps and ridges, leaving a leveled, flat concrete surface ready for staining or some other type of decorative treatment.

“The line is so versatile is that you can replace three machines -- a concrete floor grinder, a belt sander and a scarifier/shotblaster -- with just one Greyline grinder,” says Dustin Thomas of HTC.

Contributing to Greyline’s efficiency and versatility are its ultra-fast-change diamond tools and a planetary drive system, which allows the grinder to work on all surfaces to produce a flat, level floor. HTC’s EZchange diamond tooling system can be changed in seconds and fits all HTC grinding machines. Three standard tools in different grit sizes for removal of coatings and leveling of concrete are all the tools you need.

Greyline machines are available in a range of sizes, from a compact 14.6-inch single-head grinder ideal for small projects to a 22.4-inch three-head grinder for greater efficiency on larger jobs. Optional accessories include an edge grinding kit, pre-separator, and dust extractor. All Greyline equipment operates on single-phase 110- or 220-volt power as well as ground fault circuit indicator (GFCI) outlets, making it easy to find a power source.

In addition to their efficiency, Greyline grinders are easy to operate and transport. “The machines are single speed, which means the guesswork is taken out of the equation and the heads are running at an average speed that is good for concrete grinding and floor preparation,” says Thomas. “They are also light in weight compared to other grinders on the market and can even be broken down for easier transport by disconnecting the chassis from the grinding head and motor.”

For more information: HTC Inc., Knoxville, Tenn.
Phone: 877-482-8700

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