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Problem:During a backyard patio renovation, a change in the design led to the need for some creative thinking. A footbridge was needed to span a new koi pond so that access could be maintained to the front of the house via a new concrete walkway. The homeowners were reluctant to introduce any new materials that would require extensive maintenance or regular replacement. Building a footbridge out of wood was not an option. Kevin Baltz of Baltz and Sons Concrete proposed a concrete footbridge that could mimic a wooden one.

Solution:To create a concrete footbridge that would look like real wood, Baltz contacted Contractor Source who supplied a wood-grained boardwalk stamp to be used to texture the surface of the bridge. Contractor Source also provided invaluable advice and support for the best use of their products for this unique application, even providing some custom made wood-grain "floppies" —thin skin stamps that could rest inside the form face to provide realistic texture.

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Recommended by Kevin Baltz of Baltz and Sons Concrete in Somerville, TN

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