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Projects at businesses that cannot shut down to have the floor polished (such as retailers, schools, airports, etc.)

R.O.C. Hard is a single component Polycarbon/Polycarbonate concrete hardening agent. When applied on concrete it hardens the surface during the polishing process. Bryan Simonson, from Lundeen and Simonson, says that this product is a cost effective system that creates a rich, sophisticated appearance on even an average concrete floor.

The easy to apply hardner is applied to the concrete surface at the same time the floor is polished. This eliminates one step in the concrete polishing process and reduces costs. Bryan also mentions that the materials cost per square foot for R.O.C. Hard is less than other products on the market and it never washes out. The Polycarbonates in R.O.C. hard are small, dense plastic pieces that do not wear out over time. The floor will keep its shine without reapplication.

Though Bryan uses the product on most polishing jobs he advocates that it is especially perfect for situations where clients cannot shut down to have the floor polished. This occurs when working with retail facilities, schools, and airports. Because the product is green friendly it can be applied around the public.

Will Kraft, a Pro-Seal Sales Representative, added his thoughts,"the other important benefit of R.O.C. Hard is that the concrete surface does not have to be flooded before applying the liquid hardener like a standard lithium or sodium based hardener. This helps prevent walls (mainly drywall) from being damaged by water."

Recommended by Bryan Simonson from Lundeen and Simonson, certified Pro-Seal Products applicator

Find more information on R.O.C. Hard and other Pro-Seal Products at

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