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The polished concrete floor in the Officer’s Club at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Fla., is colored with Scofield’s Formula One liquid dyes in the shades of black, Bahama blue, Inca gold, beach sand, and snow pea. The final finish is Scofield’s Formula One Guard-W, a fast-drying lithium silicate designed to improve the gloss level and surface durability of ground and polished concrete when used with a high-speed burnisher. (Contractor: Alternative Floors)

Superior color, clarity and polish are qualities often possessed by the finest diamonds. You can now give concrete floors those same coveted characteristics by using Scofield’s Formula One, a complete coloring, densifying and finishing system for polished concrete. Used in conjunction with Formula One liquid dyes for polished concrete, the system allows you to create unique decorative effects and custom graphics while enhancing the gloss level and durability of polished concrete.

System componentsScofield’s Formula One system is appropriate for various grades of aggregate exposure (from light sand to large aggregate exposure) and gloss levels (from low reflectivity to high gloss). The liquid dye concentrates - available in more than 20 colors - are mixed with acetone to achieve deep, permanent color penetration. During concrete polishing, Formula One Lithium Densifier MP is applied to improve the density and hardness of the concrete. The final step is the application of one of Formula One’s specialty finishes, which are available in several formulations, depending on the application. You can choose from:

  • Guard-W, a fast-drying water-based finish containing lithium silicate to improve the gloss level and surface durability.
  • Guard-S, a solvent-borne acrylic that protects against many tough food and grease stains while contributing to reduced fading of dyed concrete due to UV radiation.
  • Formula One Finish Coat, a VOC-free finish treatment for use on floors with high moisture vapor emission rates.

Another view of the polished concrete floor in the Officer’s Club.

The Formula One polished concrete system is applied to a floor colored with Scofield’s Lithocrome Color Hardener in Charcoal and Denim Blue

ApplicationsBecause all Scofield Formula One finishes result in a tough, long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring system, they are ideal for use in institutional, retail, healthcare, commercial and other high-traffic environments. In addition to being compatible with Formula One liquid dyes, the system can also be used with Scofield’s Chromix integral color admixtures for concrete. Available in a diverse palette of colors, Chromix admixtures disperse evenly throughout the concrete mix and can’t be removed by grinding.

To learn more about how to use and apply the Scofield Formula One polished concrete system, visit Scofield’s contractor support page, where you can find information about decorative concrete training, downloadable contractor cut sheets, and product distributors.

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