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The EnviroPro® WA27 propane burnisher is designed with the concrete polishing and refresh markets in mind. The cordless EnviroPro® WA27 has been created to satisfy the needs of all contractors that want to truly "POP" the shine on polished concrete, terrazzo, marble, VCT and other tile floors without leaving dust behind.

How can one machine handle all these different floor types and get the same results without damaging the floor? The WA27 was engineered to apply extra head weight while refreshing the shine on polished concrete and easily be adjusted to provide lighter head weight for traditional floor polishing. Therefore, janitorial/sanitation contractors that have lost business to polished concrete floors can now buy one machine to maintain the shine on multiple surfaces and expand their service offerings.

What else is special about the WA27? It increases the floor temperature as needed for modern concrete densifier and guard products. It captures airborne dust particulates with a TRUE patented active vacuum filter system built-in. So there are no other machines that need to tag along with the WA27. It also has been given the EnviroPro® designation because of the environmentally conscious features built into this machine. Since we are all concerned about the environment it is important to know that propane lowers CO2, a major green house gas, by 80% over electric, based on LPGA 2006 Energy Review. And because it is powered by clean burning propane, there are no dangerous electric cords to deal with.

Machine features include:

  • Patented (#5388305) on-board active vacuum that filters dust down to 1 micron.
  • High efficiency, low emissions Kawasaki 585 cc engine with catalytic convertor and muffler that meets the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.
  • Installed Emissions Monitor with automatic shut down monitors engine performance and CO levels.
  • Additional head weight increases burnishing effectiveness with "guard" products.
  • Dust skirt assembly is designed with spring action keeping the skirt sealed to the floor. The patented design allows inward flow of air to maximize vacuuming action.
  • Tachometer that measures engine speed to guarantee you are running at optimum performance for the application at hand.

The EnviroPro® WA27 ships with two pad drivers - metal pad driver for concrete surfaces and plastic pad driver for tile, VCT and marble surfaces - and a handheld Infrared Floor Temperature Gauge for concrete guard product application so that you can be assured you are meeting the temperature levels needed.

Eagle by STONEKOR has been a key manufacturer of propane powered floor maintenance equipment since 1989. They long have had a reputation for well-built industrial equipment and customer loyalty.

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