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Obtaining a smooth, pristine finish on polished concrete floors is nearly impossible if you are frequently stopping and re-starting your grinding equipment to replace broken belt drives, unclog water spray nozzles, or reattach tools and heads that fly off.

The new Lavina S-series of concrete grinding and polishing machines is equipped with new features that allow you to continue polishing under nearly any circumstance.

The concrete floors in this plant are polished using the Lavina 30-inch S-series propane machine and Superabrasive's Calibra discs (30, 50, and100 grit) and V-Harr premium polishing pads (220, 400, 800, and 1800 grit). The photo was taken before sealer application and the final polishing step were completed. (Courtesy of Prep and Polish Consultants LLC)

The new Lavina S-series of concrete grinding and polishing machines is designed to prevent all these hassles, allowing you to continue polishing under nearly any circumstance. Features include:

  • Forced belt-driven planetary movement, which lets you keep working even if a drum belt breaks. Just take the belt out and continue working.
  • Floating heads that permit the mounting of quick-change tools directly to the heads, with no additional plates necessary.
  • A new nozzle-free anti-clog water system that lets you choose between internal spraying (beneath the machine) or spraying directly in front of the machine.
  • Security plate locks that prevent quick-change tools and heads from falling or flying off.
  • Machine bases equipped with U-joint technology -- an additional axis that provides added flexibility, allowing the entire base to move and “float” in any direction over the floor.

Other upgrades to the Lavina S-series machines include newly reinforced pulleys and cast, larger bearings, double seals for added protection, stronger steel base plates, and a new power cable attachment that connects to the top of the machine near the handle, allowing the operator to easily remove the plug and cable when work is complete. S-series machines are offered in 20-, 25-, 30- and 32-inch electric models as well as 25- and 30-inch propane models.

For more informationThe full line of Lavina S floor machines and diamond tools is available through Concrete Polishing Headquarters (

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