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Innovative Countertop Edge Forms Made From PVC

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Taking an innovative approach to traditional Styrofoam forms for countertop edges, Z-Counterform forms are made from PVC providing strong form edges and easy installation. Z-Counterforms are easily secured to cement backer board placed over existing cabinetry. The edge forms can be sized to accommodate nearly any countertop shape, and they are easily attached with a screw gun.

Created for use on cast-in-place concrete countertops, concrete is poured into the forms. Once the concrete has hardened, the forms are simply removed by pulling forward and snapping them off from the base. None of the edge form remains visible, and the underlying concrete edge is revealed perfectly smooth with no finishing work needed.

Z-Counterforms are available with five different profile edge forms. View the edge forms.

Project Profile:
For this kitchen countertop, Z-Counterform fancy edge and double fancy edge were used. The fancy edge was used for the center island. The double fancy edge was used on the rest of the kitchen. Using a proprietary mix, the countertops were cast-in-place using a brown color and were embedded with crushed glass. They were then polished on-site with diamond pads for a glossy sheen.

Concrete Countertop Solutions Clarks Summit, PA Concrete Countertop Solutions Clarks Summit, PA Concrete Countertop Solutions Clarks Summit, PA
Concrete Countertop Solutions Clarks Summit, PA Concrete Countertop Solutions Clarks Summit, PA

For more information or to order:
Z-Counterforms are available online at Profile packages, sink packages, and knockout kits are available. Sample kits are also available for $9.95.

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