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Slick-Pak: The Original Concrete Pump Primer
Time: 04:46
Slick-Pak is the #1 selling concrete pump primer in the world. It is easy to use, safe to handle, and priced affordably. For more information, please visit our website.

Fritz-Pak offers instructional videos on the use of Slick-Pak pumping products, Super Air Plus air entraining admixture, and Fill Flow: Flowable Fill Admixture.

Each video is a snapshot of the product in practical use accompanied by a testimonial from the actual customer at jobsite and backed by instructional commentary. Fritz-Pak's intent in this video series is to aid the viewer to instantly understand and assess the advantages of using Fritz-Pak premeasured powdered admixtures in their patented water-soluble bags in their concrete operations.

Instructional Videos:

Fill Flow - Flowable Fill Admixture
Length: 04:21
Fritz-Pak Fill Flow, our admixture for producing flowable fill, dramatically increases air content and flowability. It has grown tremendously in popularity, even during the recession.

Super Air Plus: Air Entraining Agent
Length: 04:47
Super Air Plus is an air entraining agent designed for job-site addition. Packaged in small, water-soluble bags, Super Air Plus is easy to add directly to ready-mix trucks to increase the air content in order to meet specification.

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