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Not all concrete warrants decorative coloring or patterning, although both can significantly embellish the look of the concrete surface as well as hide blemishes. Plain, gray concrete is still the most common surface installed, whether for reasons of economy or a desire for a functional, unadulterated surface with a timeless appearance. But even when concrete is not going to be colored, textured or patterned, proper installation and maintenance are key to achieving good results. Whether you are pouring conventional concrete or decorative colored concrete, the same standard installation practices apply.

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Installing Concrete

Pouring Concrete: Nine basic steps involved in residential concrete placement

How to Build High-Quality Slabs on Grade

Concrete Driveway Construction Basics

Maintaining Plain Concrete

Plain Concrete Cost

Ways to Spruce Up Plain Concrete

Adding color with integral pigments and color hardeners, and concrete stains

Adding texture with stamped concrete

Adding patterns with stenciling and engraving

Simple ways to add flair with exposed aggregate

Adding a rock salt finish