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Class Anticipated Traffic Type Use Special Considerations Final Finish
1. Single Course Exposed Surface - foot traffic Offices, churches, commercial, institutional, multi-family Uniform finish, non-slip aggregate in specific areas, curing Normal steel troweled finish, non-slip finish where required
1. Single Course--Decorative Exposed Surface - foot traffic Decorative concrete Colored mineral aggregate, color pigment or exposed aggregate, stamped or inlaid patterns, artistic joint layout, curing As required
2. Single Course Covered surface - foot traffic Offices, churches, commercial, institutional, multi-family with floor covering Flat and level slabs suitable for applied coverings Light steel troweled finish
3. Two course Exposed or covered surface--foot traffic Unbonded or bonded topping over base slab for commercial or non-industrial buildings where construction type or schedule dictates Base Slab - gooduniform level surface, curing

Unbonded topping- bondbreaker on base slab, min thickness 3 in., reinforced, curing

Bonded Topping - properly sized aggregate, ¾ in. min thickness, curing
Base slab - troweled finish under unbonded topping; clean textured surface under bonded topping Topping - for exposed surfaces, normal steel-troweled finish. For covered surface light steel-troweled finish.
4. Single Course Exposed or covered surface-foot and light vehicular traffic Institutional or commercial Level and flat slab suitable for applied coverings, nonslip aggregate for specific areas, curing. Coordinate joints with applied coverings Normal steel-troweled finish
5. Single Course Exposed surface-industrial vehicular traffic-pneumatic wheels and moderately soft solid wheels Industrial floors for manufacturing, processing, and warehousing Good uniform subgrade, joint layout, abrasion resistance, curing Hard steel-troweled finish
6. Single Course Exposed surface-heavy-duty industrial vehicular traffic-hard wheels and heavy wheel loads Industrial floors subject to heavy traffic; may be subject to impact loads Good uniform subgrade, joint layout, load transfer, abrasion resistance, curing Special metallic or mineral aggregate surface hardener; repeated hard steel-troweling
7. Two course Exposed surface-heavy-duty industrial vehicular traffic-hard wheels and heavy wheel loads Bonded two-course floors subject to heavy traffic and impact. Base slab - good uniform subgrade, reinforcement, joint layout, level surface, curing

Topping - composed of well-graded all mineral or all-metallic aggregate. Minimum thickness 3/4 in.; mineral or metallic aggregate surface hardener applied to high-strength plain topping to toughen, curing
Clean, textured base slab surface suitable for subsequent bonded topping. Special power floats for topping are optional, hard steel-troweled finish
8. Two course As in Classes 4, 5, or 6 Unbonded topping-on new or old floors where construction sequence or schedule dictates. Bondbreaker on base slab, minimum thickness 4 in., abrasion resistance, curing As in Classes 4, 5 or 6

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