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Jim Bernardine, president of Concrete Oasis submitted these photos of a recent project he completed. According to Jim: This pool deck is a combination of brickwork color/stamps decorative flatwork and poured walls with FossilCrete material and stamps. First, we removed the old cedar deck and fence around the pool and tore off the tile and coping. We then started by replacing the tile in the pool and rebuilding the bond beam to accept our new cantilever edge. Next, we installed the pool deck using Brickform stampTM-100 and Brickform colors taking the edge over the tile to form our coping.

The colors we used were a custom blend we use around our area to mimic native flagstones. We then started on the retaining walls and foundation walls for the upper patios. We built a retaining wall that we used in our plan for quest seating by making them comfortable height and with which we then FossilCreted to match the stone on the front of the house.

On the tallest patio we built a boulder rock from bending #3 bar and covering with a stucco screen, and then finished with FossilCrete . We shaped the boulder as to have to seating area on each side of our gas fire pit built in the middle.

We then had a roof installed over our gas grill area we installed on a previous outing to tie the whole thing together. Finally the inside of the pool was plastered and the yard was redone.

Concrete Oasis
Jim Bernardine

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