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Fab-u-Floors and WerkMaster were commissioned by STORIED PLACES® AN INTRAWEST COMPANY, to develop this process for use in their new Mammoth Mountain Resort Condominium Development. Mike Hartigan, Director of Development was ecstatic over the results. His comments were, "In all my years in the business, I have never, seen results like this! This is fantastic and amazing! Beyond anything we would have expected. Boy's you have a million dollar floor here! We would like to spec it in all our new developments whenever possible."

This unique and exclusive polishing system provides a high gloss mechanical shine on concrete without the use of epoxies, polyurethanes or other chemical treatments that require chemicals or additives to produce the shine.

Before Photo After Photo: 3000 Grit Finished - No Chemicals

The results are similar to highly polished granite or marble, giving an incredible finish and luster that will last for years without having to continually refinish the floors. The advantages are limitless, and can be used on concrete counter tops and it also allows for new unique design capabilities for tilt up concrete wall construction.

These results can only be achieved by using the new WerkMaster Grinding/Polishing machines that utilize their Patent Pending Octi-Disc Technology. The WerkMaster actually flattens the floor so that all variations in the concrete surface are removed, allowing for a finer, smoother finish.

The added advantage of the WerkMaster is that it grinds, edges and polishes to within 1/8" of the walls, eliminating the need for hand grinding and having to feather in the edges with the rest of the floor. This allows for a perfect, uniform finish without having any tool marks, throughout the project.

Fab-u-Floors is also developing a franchise model that will allow new or existing businesses the opportunity to expand or enter the growing business of refinishing concrete, hardwood and stone. WerkMaster is the only machine in the world to successfully refinish Concrete, Hardwood and Stone surfaces using segmented diamond abrasives! It's patent pending Octi-Disc Technology virtually eliminates hand edging in nearly all applications, resulting in lower labour costs and superior finishes.

Brian Wilson, President of Werk Industries stated, "The WerkMaster was originally developed to polish black granite, and subsequently, the process now works on all natural stone products such as marble and travertine, as well as producing amazing results on terrazzo and concrete."WerkMaster products including the new Model 1600 – Raptor Edger/Grinder and the WerkMaster Concrete Polishing System will be on display at World of Concrete and Surfaces trade shows in Las Vegas in January 2007 and at Coverings trade show in Chicago in April 2007.

Additional information can be found at Fab-U-Floors and

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