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  • For this new home in Winston-Salem, N.C., polished concrete flooring was installed in nearly every room, reflecting the owner’s modern design tastes.
  • The flooring extends from the main living area into the kitchen, hallway, first-floor bedrooms, and bathroom, creating continuity from room to room.
  • The rich charcoal-gray floor color is the perfect backdrop for the bright pops of color in the home’s bedrooms.
  • A view of another bedroom.
  • The concrete floor in the bathroom.
  • The polished concrete in the hallway will provide a durable, easy-to-maintain surface under high foot traffic.
  • The exterior of the home showcases the owner’s modern architectural style.

When a professional architect chooses polished concrete flooring for his own home, that’s a sure sign that this flooring option is no passing fad and is now being embraced by the design community for applications beyond commercial use. For this new home in Winston-Salem, N.C., polished concrete flooring was installed in nearly every room, reflecting the owner’s modern tastes and design savvy.

“We were approached by the homeowner, who co-owns a firm focusing on modern architecture. He wanted the flooring in his home to echo the elements found in modern design, as well as be durable enough to support the high foot traffic of his family and guests. Polished concrete proved to be a highly functional and modern option for his floors, providing increased durability as well as a sleek finish to complement his unique home,” says Jon Millner of Perfection Plus Inc., a family-owned business specializing in concrete polishing, acid staining, stamping, and countertops.

The project involved polishing 800 square feet of concrete flooring, including the living room and kitchen, several bedrooms, the bathroom, laundry room and corridor. The floor was integrally colored charcoal-gray throughout to give the natural color of the concrete a deeper tone that sets off the home’s white walls, modern furnishings, and bright accent colors.

Millner says that the market for polished concrete in his area is rapidly expanding and it is becoming the go-to flooring option for businesses and homeowners alike. “Polished concrete offers great value for its superior beauty and increased durability. And since polished concrete does not have a coated surface, it is simple to maintain and clean by periodic wet mopping,” he says.

Polishing contractor:
Jon Millner
Perfection Plus Inc., Kernersville, N.C.

Materials and equipment used:
Concrete densifier: Xtreme Hard Concrete Densifier
Concrete sealer: Xtreme Shield Concrete Sealer
Integral color: Brickform Powdered Integral Color, in Shale
Concrete grinder: G320D Pro Planetary Grinder, from Concrete Polishing Solutions
Concrete polisher: HTC 500 from HTC Professional Floor Systems

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