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  • Polished concrete floors dyed black, red, and desert sand guide people through the food court in Microsoft Commons, an upscale shopping and dining destination on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Wash.
  • Decorative sawcuts created the graphic designs in the floors. This geometric pattern is colored with a combination of black, desert sand, red, and grass green dyes.
  • Dyed floors in desert sand add warmth and ambience to Quincy’s Charbroiled Burgers.
  • A café floor dyed in black and desert sand.
  • The polished concrete floors in this restaurant were left plain gray to better mirror and reflect the overhead lighting.

The Commons, a shopping and dining mecca on Microsoft’s sprawling campus in Redmond, Wash., houses restaurants, shops, banking facilities, beauty salons, and even a post office. The two-floor, 106,000-square-foot mall, which opened in 2009, is used by nearly 50,000 Microsoft employees as a place to relax, unwind, and interact socially. The interior design is bright, upbeat, and modern, giving it an energetic vibe that blends with Microsoft’s corporate culture. Color is used widely to create this dynamic atmosphere, including over 60,000 square feet of polished concrete flooring dyed in multicolored patterns.

“This is one of our most memorable concrete polish and dye jobs,” says Jim Harvey, owner of Harvey Construction & Deco-Pour, Snohomish, Wash. “Microsoft intended on having something bold and different, a floor that would stay fresh and inviting as long as the building stood. They also needed something easy to maintain that would need no resealing or reworking every two years.”

Harvey, himself, invented the dyes used on the project. His Deco-Pour Sustainable Dyes are water-based, translucent polished concrete dyes containing fine color particles that uniformly color the polished surface. They are ideal for creating graphic designs, signs, and logos on concrete floors using such methods as shallow decorative sawcuts, pin-stripping tape, and stencils.

For this project, Harvey Construction applied the dyes to sawcut patterns in the floors and then polished and densified the surface. Cleaning the floors with soap and water is the only maintenance needed. “The colors stay vibrant and last for years,” says Harvey.

Project submitted by:
Jim and Jeze Harvey, owners of Harvey Construction & Deco-Pour, Snohomish, Wash.

Deco-Pour will be offering a training seminar in January 2016, contact them directly for more details.

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