Glossy Polished Floor Guides Customers Through Showroom

By Khara Dizmon, Managing Editor

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Concrete Arts in Hudson, WI

One of polished concrete's interesting attributes is that it can be finished with high reflectivity or with more of a subtle matte-like finish. In this 5,000 square foot new facility for W.I. Clarke, a heavy construction equipment company in Plainfield, CT, Custom Concrete Solutions polished, sawcut and colored the concrete floor to a high sheen. (Read about another project by Custom Concrete Solutions where a less reflective floor was required.)

Concrete Arts in Hudson, WI

Originally, the owners of the company wanted their showroom floor just polished with no color. "They wanted just the road design through the middle," recalls Don Pinger, owner of Custom Concrete Solutions. "Once we started polishing the floor, we realized that the original concrete was so light in color it would have been too drastic against the black road. So we sat down and discussed adding color to the rest of the floor". We found an out of the way spot that wouldn't be seen and did a quick mock up of 4 colors and the owners picked 3 for the different rooms.

Concrete Arts in Hudson, WI

The concrete showroom was polished to 3000 grit. "Although there were quite a few overhead lights, we were able to give the floor a high sheen without the lights reflections being overwhelming because the area was going to be broken up with lots of displays" says Pinger.

The floors were colored using AmeriPolish "Burnt Sienna" and "Midnight Black" in the main showroom and "Gold" and "Patriot Blue" in the bathrooms."We saw-cut the road design with a 4" hand saw. Then we masked off one area and did the black road," says Pinger. "Then we masked and did the Burnt Sienna color for the rest of the concrete. We used Prosoco's Consolideck SafetyColor concrete coating for the yellow lines in the road. "The road was designed to guide customers from the front door to the counter. Its width was 5 feet starting at the front door and tapering to 3 feet at the service counter. The floor was densified with Retroplate 99 and finished with two coats of Prosoco's LS Guard.

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